• Concentrated cleaning agent for intensive and gentle manual car wash

• Removes water soluble as well as aliphatic and oil emulsive dirt

• Conserves the protection layer of paint conservation products (e.g. wax)

• Is characterized by a high material compatibility

• Also suitable for modern car paintings and sensitive plastic parts like lamp lenses made of Polycarbonat© and tail lamps made of Polymethylmethacrylat (PMMA).


Application areas:

Suitable for all kinds of car paints, for painted and not painted plastic parts (wheel rims, chrome trim strips, etc.), glass panes and sealing material made of rubber.


First rinse off coarse dirt with water. Dilute two caps (about 60 ml) with 10 liters of water. Apply the detergent solution with sponge, wash mitt or brush.

Finally, rinse with water and sand to avoid possible limescale (water hardness).



Repeated use of new wash liquor during heavy dirt load to avoid scratches caused by dirt on the paint.



The product should not be allowed to dry during use.


Do not use in blazing sun and on hot paint. Protect from frost.

Available as:

ProductItem number
Car-shampoo 500 ml40 27289 00463 1
Car-shampoo 5 Litre40 27289 00388 7
Car-shampoo 10 Litre40 27289 00389 4
Car-shampoo 500 ml

Car-shampoo 500 ml

Car-shampoo 5 Litre

Car-shampoo 5 Litre