• A phosphate-free gloss cleaner for all glass surfaces

• With an antistatic effect

• Works against typical dirt such as dust, grease, oil and nicotine traces

• Removes and prevents streaks and deposits on the windows caused by plastic fumes


Application areas:

Car glass cleaner was specially developed for dirt on glass panes on automobiles. In this way it also achieves the best cleaning results in the household.


Spray car glass cleaner on the glass surfaces to be treated or put some squirts on a soft cloth and rub over the glass.

Continue to rub the surface with an absorbent, dry cloth or paper until a streak-free polish is created.

Available as:

ProductItem number
Carglass-cleaner 500 ml40 27289 00358 0
Carglass-cleaner 500 ml

Carglass-cleaner 500 ml