Cold Cleaner


  • Water-based
  • A concentrated special washing agent
  • An excellent cleaning power for removing strong fouling with oil and dust
  • Particularly suitable for cleaning automobile engines and other drive assemblies, vehicle underbodies, building and agricultural machines
  • Set to be pH neutral (pH 7-8)
  • Safety Cold Cleaner is a demulsifying washing agent so no unstable emulsions are created during the washing process. This supports separation of oil in light liquid separators


Application areas:

Automobile, building and agricultural machines, petrol stations, workshops, trade and industry


For the intensive cleaning of heavy soiling, the parts with the concentrated product are sparingly sprayed or brushed. For cleaning assistance, the parts are processed with sponge, brush or brush. Approximately Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Wash off dissolved dirt with plenty of water.

On floors, hall walls or other large surfaces, the concentrated product or water diluted with water up to 1: 5 is best applied with the spraying device, spread with the scrubber and then sprayed with water.


The product can be used up to 1:15 diluted with water. The higher the concentration of the cleaning solution, the more intense the dirt solution.

For extreme soiling, the cleaning process is repeated after the rough cleaning.


The product should not dry during treatment. This is particularly important at e.g. Paint and plastic surfaces, rubber and other gaskets.

Do not use on hot surfaces!


Use in steam cleaners:

• Heavy soiling: recommended mixing ratio 1: 5

• Slight soiling: recommended mixing ratio 1:15



To ensure de-emulsification, the product in the wastewater must be diluted to a maximum concentration of 0.2%.

Oil-containing wastewater must be disposed of via a light liquid separator (oil and petrol separator).

Available as:

ProductItem number
Cold Cleaner 500 ml40 27289 00618 5
Cold Cleaner 5 Litre40 27289 01213 1
Cold Cleaner 500 ml

Cold Cleaner 500 ml

Cold Cleaner 5 Litre

Cold Cleaner 5 Litre