Insect remover gel



• Rapidly and reliably detaches all insect residues and rough dirt

• Sticks due to its jelly-type consistency to wherever it is needed and thus achieves an optimal effect.

• with citrus fragrance


Application areas:

Insect remover GEL can be used on glass and painted, chrome-plated and plastic parts.


Spray evenly on the dirty parts. If necessary, spread with a sponge and leave to act for about 2 minutes.

The product must not dry. Then wash with plenty of water.



On well-aged paints or repainting should first be tested for compatibility.

Do not use on hot surfaces or in blazing sun.

Available as:

ProductItem number
Insect remover gel 500 ml40 27289 00619 2
Insect remover gel 500 ml

Insect remover gel 500 ml