• Good lubricant characteristics even at low temperatures

• Protects against wear, sludge, corrosion and bonding

• Stable lubricating film even under extreme loads

• High thermal capacity

• Low wear throughout the whole change interval

• Optimal wear protection under all operating conditions

• Excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics

Application areas:

For automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, power steering systems, hydraulics and auxiliary drives both in the passenger car and commercial vehicle sector as well as in industrial applications in accordance with the specifications of the unit or vehicle manufacturer.


ATR recommends this product for use in vehicles that are subject to the following specifications:

• Type A Suffix A (TASA)


• CAT TO-2

• ZF TE-ML 02F/03D/04D/09/11B/14A/ 17C

• Type Allison C-4


• MB 236.1/236.6

• MAN 339 Typ V1/Z1

• Voith G607

Physical characteristic values:


Density at 15 °C: 0,850 kg/l

Viscosity at 40 °C: 34,3 mm²/s

Viscosity at 100 °C: 7,7 mm²/s

Flame point: 196 °C

Pourpoint: -45 °C

Viscosity Index (VI): 205

Color: red



Compatible with comparable oils.

Available as:

ProductItem number
ATF III G 1 Litre40 27289 04151 3
ATF III G 20 Litre40 27289 04152 0
ATF III G 60 Litre40 27289 04153 7
ATF III G 1 Litre

ATF III G 1 Litre

ATF III G 20 Litre

ATF III G 20 Litre

ATF III G 60 Litre

ATF III G 60 Litre