Brake Cleaner



• Fast evaporation

• Removes dirt, oils and resin crusts, synthetic oil and silicone residues

• Leaves no residue

• Does not attack Styrofoam

• Protection against immediate rusting

• Ingredients in accordance with the Detergents Regulation

• Contains no aromatic or halogenated hydrocarbons

• Acetone free



Application areas:

• Brake, clutch and gearbox parts

• Starters, alternators

• Carburettors, petrol pumps and engine parts

• Glass and metal before working with an adhesive

• Check plastic and paint compatibility by preliminary test



Intensively soak / spray contaminated parts and allow solvents to run off or evaporate. Repeat for heavy soiling.

Do not use on thermoplastics such as PVC, Plexiglas, polystyrene or rubber and all paints. Ensure good ventilation. Ignition sources are to be avoided. Do not spray on warm / hot components (engine).

When processing, observe the relevant regulations.

Available as:

ProductItem number
Brake cleaner 500 ml40 27289 00094 7
Brake cleaner 500 ml

Brake cleaner 500 ml