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Underbody protection 1.000 ml


• Cannot be painted over

• Resistance to corrosion in salt spray according to DIN 50021: 500 hours without rust infiltration at 2 mm coat

• High elasticity

• Mandrel test up to 32 mm without fissuring

• Yield: 2 m²

• Dry to handle after 3-4 hours

• Completely dried after 24 hours

• Temperature resistance from -25 °C to max. +80 °C

• With an anti-humming effect

• Based on Bitumen

Application areas:

Underbody protection based on bitumen is used for undersides and wheelhouse of passenger cars, caravans, tanks, boats, trucks, spoilers, door sills. Because of a thick, elastic coating the vehicle is protected against mechanical loads and chemical attacks, e.g. stone-chipping, road salt, water, etc. Underbody protection offers excellent rust prevention.


Shake can before use. Remove dirt, grease and rust. Screw the 1-Litre can into the special underbody protection spray gun and use. Produkt is ready-to-use, no further thinners necessary. Spray the surface from a suitable distance. After use, clean tools with benzine or terpentine. Recommended spray distance approx. 30 cm. The recommended strength of coating is 500 to 600 μm. Best results at room temperature (15°C to 25°C).



Do not store at a temperature below +10°C and above +30°C. Protect from exposure to direct sunlight and heat. Store dry and cool.

Available as:

ProductItem number
Underbody protection 1.000 ml40 27289 00428 0
Underbody protection 1.000 ml

Underbody protection 1.000 ml