Service Products

Service products are used in the automotive workshop every day. It's a good thing that Cartechnic has an extensive range. At
Among other things, with silicone spray, multi-purpose grease, brake service paste, zinc, ceramic, grease, leak detection and cockpit spray, diesel particulate filter, throttle valve and EGR valve cleaner and many other helpers.


Zinc spray 400 ml

Permanently protects against rust and pitting corrosion

Ceramics spray 400 ml

A metal-free high temperature spray

Rust remover 300 ml

Loosens rust, stops corrosion and protects against further rusting

Ice rust remover 400 ml

A high quality rust remover with a crack effect brought on by extreme…

Cockpit spray 300 ml

Antistatic color refresher

White grease spray 300 ml

With PTFE and high-quality rust preventive additives

Adhesive grease 400 ml

Semi-synthetic long-life adhesive grease

Multipurpose grease 400 gr.

Lithium saponified, 400g cartridge

Silicone spray 300 ml

A high quality care and maintenance product for inside and outside use

Silicon remover spray 500 ml

A special solvent and degreasing agent

Synth active oil 300 ml

A unique, synthetic oil with an adhesive agent for long-term…

Brake service paste 200 ml

High temperature resistant brake protection paste with a very good and…

Leak detector spray 400 ml

For simple and rapid location of leaks

Diesel particulate filter cleaner 400 ml

Free of metal cleaning-agent for loosening carbon and ash deposits in…

Choke-Cleaner 500 ml

Special, highly active system cleaner for removing impurities and…

EGR Valve-Cleaner 100 ml

For quick removal of stubborn dirt in the intake and exhaust system