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Adhesion helper

1C plastic primer

Need to coat solvent-resistant plastics without pretreatment? This is possible - without fluorination, flame treatment, plasma treatment, tempering, grinding or priming. The Cartechnic 1C plastic primer is a high-yield and highly flexible surface coating that saves workshops time and money, meets the highest quality demands and adapts perfectly to the workshops‘ requirements. The priming system has exceptional adhesive properties that increase application reliability.

Less preparatory work and uncomplicated application mean significant time savings - the 1C plastic primer can help to make the painting of plastic parts more efficient. The extraordinary adhesion properties of Cartechnic's 1C plastic primer make conventional steps for surface preparation such as tempering and sanding completely unneccessary. The surface simply has to be dedusted and degreased with Cartechnic Plastic Cleaner. In addition, the processing properties of the plastic primer allow perfect adaptation to the the workshops‘ workflow. This is because the primer can be overcoated wet-on-wet after only 15 minutes flash-off time; it can also be applied after several days of storage without having to be sanded again.

The Cartechnic 1C plastic primer is available in the colours white, grey and black in paint spray gun size and for smaller repairs such as SpotRepair also in an economical 400ml spray can.


Nitrogen reduction - Exactly 32.5 percent

Cartechnic Adblue 5, 10, 200 litres

Cartechnic offers a high quality Adblue*, produced according to AUS 32 (CEFIC) and ISO 22241.

Adblue is a synthetically produced 32.5 percent urea solution.

The product is water clear, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and easy to handle. The solution is a high-purity NOx reducing agent for diesel engines with SCR catalytic converters, which meets the EURO 4, 5 and 6 emission standards.
Fill only with a suitable drain system. The recommended storage temperature is between 0 °C and 30 °C. The liquid should be protected from direct sunlight.

*Adblue is a registered trademark of VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.).


More Light and better visibility

Automotive lamps

Cartechnic has expanded its range of automotive lamps. New additions are +90 bulbs for H4 and H7 types.

Available in individual packaging and blister packs.

The +90 lamps offer up to 90% more visibility*. The lamps are characterised by a very intense beam of light which enables drivers to see further ahead. The special burner concept ensures higher light output and thus more safety and better overall performance. In spite their increased performance, the lamps are approved for use in road traffic.

* compared to the minimum standard required by law.